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Our STILFOLD technology can be used to create sustainable and eco-friendly designs that contribute to a greener future.

Our STILRIDE motorcycles are designed and assembled in adherence to the highest quality standards at our facilities located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    • How can we test STILFOLD?

      To initiate a conversation about collaboration, please reach out to our business development team. We are eager to understand your needs and explore how our technology can enhance your product offerings and manufacturing efficiency. Please contact: ...
    • How does STILFOLD stand in comparison to other manufacturing technologies?

      STILFOLD technology utilizes an incremental forming process. By applying precise local deformation over a curve While the technologies are different they do complement each other in aspects such as speed, precision and flexibility. In the current ...
    • Why is this possible now?

      Advancements in AI and computational design Cost effective & accurate automation solution Fast simulation capabilities Cost effective sensors and components The technology presents a versatile approach to manufacturing that eliminates the need for ...
    • What can be made using this technology?

      The STILFOLD technology is versatile and can be used across various industries to produce a wide range of metal products, including automotive parts, enclosures, surface structures, and structural components.
    • Is the technology proprietary?

      STILRIDE is currently in possession of a growing international IP portfolio, including 11 approved patent applications spread across four different patent families. The IP portfolio covers the entire production process; using design from flat sheets ...